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I am SB from Jamshedpur. This blog is my third effort at making my own space on the internet. This blog started in 2012 from Blogger, moved to Wordpress in late 2012 and now this place. I haven't moved any of my old posts prior to 2016 to this platform because some things are best left as it is, in the past. A curious might perhaps dig deep through the internet to find my old blog but this action is not recommended by me. An engineer by education, I am currently working in tech and can be found mostly reading up about railways, history, cities, general fiction or just travelling on trains which has been my fixation from a young age. Hence, the name of this blog. Interested in quizzing, writing letters, and sending postcards (Postcrossing).

I can be reached at sb[at]sidelower[dot]in

All images in this blog are taken by me unless specified otherwise. The cover image is taken by Faris Mohammed. This site is powered by Jekyll using theme Long Haul by Brian Maier Jr.