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A Wintry Morning Post

November 12, 2017   |   5 Minute Read

It’s 8:50 AM and Microsoft’s Weather App is showing it is 15°C in Patiala, Punjab. And there’s Fog. My lips edged itself towards a smile. I love winters and I love fog! Never had I experienced such winters in Jamshedpur where people would rush to the Tibetan Market at the beginning of November when the temperature search on Google barely showed 17°. And there was no fog (never, except one or two days at the end of December).

Make no mistakes here. I am not from Delhi. My lungs breathe in fresh air with no PM2.5 particles in the atmosphere so my fondness is completely natural. It is not smog. My eyes don’t get irritated and I do not need to cover my mouth. It’s beautiful in here. White. Wherever the eyes go, everything is covered with dew drops. The plants look clean and yes, my cycle is washed every day. Every morning when I rush to the cycle stand to go to my classes, I can see barely 3 feet and it’s so chilly. It’s the best time of the year. People huddle together, come late to class, get reprimanded by the Professors and then go back to their slumber state as soon as they hit the bench. And it is the season of momos and coffee! Two things I will forever be a fan of.

Cycle Stand of Hostel K

My blog has been neglected for long. A cup of hastily prepared coffee and the view outside my room in Hostel K compelled me to write again. I can never write poems. Rhythmic lines, personification, metaphors, alliterations are all lost on me. I can’t fuse words together which would take the shape of a poem otherwise I would have written something (and free me of the time I am taking to typing this). That doesn’t mean that I cannot understand the figures of speech. My ICSE background ingrained enough of my love for English to be able to make out. Sadly, I am not a poet.

October was truly an ‘enlightening’ month. Read a lot. Travelled a lot. Missed my bus and then had to endure the back-breaking journey of 250 kms from Delhi to Patiala on a normal PEPSU bus. Word of advice – do not take the normal cheap bus. It’s terrible, uncomfortable, crowded, noisy and most importantly lots of toddlers are in there who would make sure that your ears are sore with their wails and occasionally make you nauseous with their pee-in-their-pants and vomit-in-their-parent’s-lap. Never again!

While I was in Jamshedpur for the Diwali break, some folks from my college went to IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous. For quizzes and to enjoy the ‘freedom’ which New Delhi, the metropolis offers. Fair enough. Now they did something which made me furious and drowned me in spirits of melancholia. They went to Daryaganj and bought books by the loads and SENT ME PHOTOS of them with nothing for me. Fortunately, on my journey back to Delhi aboard the Purushottam Express, I was able to buy Harper Lee’s How to Kill a Mockingbird for Rs. 100 only. An original, sealed and unblemished novel on a train! How better could my journey be! That’s why people, I love trains. Lots of stories and emotions. Now that wasn’t all. My parents gladly agreed to buy me two more books which were at a throwaway price on Amazon. So, with this my rest of the semester is sorted.

Now, I have spent so much in the first week of November that I would have to just scrape through. No more momos, no more visits to the COS, no more running off to Aahar to have bread rolls (which cost just Rs. 10). Yes, I am that broke at this moment. Also, started using LaTeX for a project. Feels so good when your texts and formulas are rendered so beautifully. Like an artist creates an art. Word will be relegated soon enough by me for academic work provided the professors aren’t too choosy about fonts, colours and line spacing (yes it has happened with me).

For people who are still wondering – Yes, I am still off Facebook and more recently Instagram. Lots of stupid stories, memes, profile photos, pouts, know-it-alls to go through. While Facebook has been off for quite a few months, Instagram has been a new addition to the list. Really don’t like the poll feature and the stories. Forced interruptions to make contact these are.

College Life Update -
2nd Year (Weaseleys) should have won Elixir 2017. How the 3rd Year (Blacks) won still remains a mystery to me. Anyways, 1st Year (Malfoys) nice try – you got the very,very high CGPA. Watched Star Wars I have. Still inspired by Anakin more than any Luke, Palpatine, Obi-Wan or Qui-Gon combined.

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