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A Sunday Post

July 23, 2017   |   4 Minute Read

Spending two months at home after five months of college with all its tests, mess food, hitting the attendance criteria and the last moment submissions is relaxing to be put in a very mild way. I wished to go as far away from home as possible to a different state for my college and I had got what I wanted. My wishes are crazy cause who wants to abandon the sweet hearth of home after spending 18 years? I wanted to. But my wish has led me to new experiences, a new culture and meeting new people and a completely different mindset. In the last 1 year of leaving home, I have matured (desperately hope so). Living far away is exciting. But the journey of coming back is what drives me nowadays. Never had I hoped that I would harbor such feelings. The strings which attached me to my place are no longer tied to me, yet it is the emotional spring of memories which keeps calling me back.

These two months in Jamshedpur are perhaps my last long vacation here. There was a time not long ago when I was not too fond of the town or its memories. Whether it was School, Home, Friends or People. Only one thought raged in my mind at that time – Leave! Go far away. As I look back, those thoughts are nothing but laughable memories of my young adult self. I wished for freedom, I wished for self-control, I wished to make my own decisions and so on. The train of thoughts was unending.

The sights, the roads, the smell, the food – everything matters to me now. For months, I wait for the day when I will come back and fall again into the net of comforts and safety of my parents. I can be careless again! No more mess food or checking the wallet for anything left. Everything will be taken care of. What a bliss! There is no place like home people. Its inimitable, its powers idiosyncratic and powerful enough to mend any illness.

I don’t know why I am so reflective today. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe because this is my last week here or maybe because I just turned 20 today (yep it’s my birthday on 23rd).

To those who wished me I thank you with all my heart even if Facebook suddenly reminded you that I am your friend. Considering my miserable social media life, I wouldn’t mind if you thought I was a long, long lost friend/acquaintance or whatever you thought me to be. My presence on Facebook would continue to have a dormant status as my other profiles except Quora. To those who remembered my birthday without any aid, I could never have been happier when your wishes came. Friends and frenemies alike – gracias, merci, grazie, arigato, shukriya!

Rains, Rains, Rains everywhere. Through continuous downpour since the past 4 days, the weather god has grandiosely announced the arrival of the Indian Monsoon. No, the monsoons arrived earlier but unless there is chaos due to the rains is it even Monsoon? Specifically, Indian Monsoon? It has been raining since the morning and I was getting bored and so tried my hand at photography. 2 hours later after editing in Photoshop and coming up with some lame captions in different typographic fonts, I abondoned the effort. Photography is an art, a skill which takes patience, dedication and time to master, none of which was given by me.

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