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October 19, 2018   |   3 Minute Read

Took these over the past month or so.

Quintessentially random images taken from a boring perspective, having no subjects, theme or quality. Mediocrity at its best.

Also features a self portrait after realizing that the last one was removed a few years ago.

A Hostel With a View

Hostel J – A time when Thapar still took care, quality, aesthetics and functionality in focus while building its hostels.

When It Rained

When this photo was taken, these flowering plants were still present on the divider en route to COS. A few days ago all these were trimmed. The divider is now just a bare collection of concrete tiles. The monotony of the pathway is broken by the empty soil mounds where only the twigs remains. No greens. No flowers any more. An eyesore.

A Room With a View

Early to bed, early to rise will reward you with a view so nice. This is the first morning after the torrential rains which hit Northern India in September subsided.

Sunrise from J

The early morning chill has begun to set in. It is misty outside and the birds are yet to wake up. The hostel is still sleeping – it is 6 in the morning. Everything is so quiet and serene around.

Symmetry Fail Walkway

Just after 1 PM or perhaps just before on a warm October afternoon. Thought that with the less crowd flow, I could finally take a photo of this walkway connecting E to F and D blocks, incorporating symmetry and restarting my dormant Instagram with something different. The black and white is a tribute to my bravado on getting inspired by Raghu Rai. Sigh!

Quiz – A Modern Art

15 people. One question. Hands on chin. Sombre expressions. Sometimes I am amazed at how one question can bring forth a myriad amount of expressions from people. Clueless, Pride, Dejection, Anger, Stupidity –

Self Portrait 2018

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