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Back From Hibernation

January 11, 2017   |   4 Minute Read

My last post was some 8 months ago and to be frank I have grown to be much lazy to update my blog regularly as I used to do earlier. The reasons are myriad and stupid (and also treacherous) not worthy enough but still I will write it here so that they can serve as a precursor to the coming babble.

Didn’t read any books any books in these 8 months.
Away from Home. The missing of homemade food threw my creative senses to a haywire.
Procrastination. ‘Ok tomorrow’ gave way to the day after tomorrow.
Thought maintaining a blog is a useless hobby. Who reads what I write? Who cares?
Suffered a writer’s block. Couldn’t think of anything. Couldn’t get inspiration.
Moved a lot. Crisscrossed half of India along its length. Took a lot of time of adjust.
Listening to a lot of good songs. Got my myself lost in the trance of their lyrics.
Removing the dust off another hobby, my other love – Quizzing. I have been away a lot from this person that my memory of it became cloudy.

So that was it.

I moved to Bangalore in the end of July. And again moved to Patiala in mid-August to Thapar University. I got into Electrical Engineering and am pretty much happy about it. Although it was not a smooth transition something not to write about here.

A new city and a new college brought with self new problems, new experiences and most importantly a new language – Punjabi. It took some time to adjust to learn that Haanji means Haan i.e yes, Kithe means Kidhar i.e where and the epic – Aur veere kidda? Which translates to And brother what’s up?

Phew! That was a challenge. But one of the most difficult phases was getting to know people. I joined a little late and that my dear reader is pretty crappy experience at least for someone who is an introvert like me. Thankfully that was taken care of soon enough.

But then another problem presented itself. Being a Bengali who grew up eating non-veg (aka fish) every alternate day the rajma-chawal and makke ki rotti with sarson ka saag was a nightmare. Where’s the fish? My stomach and my heart used to (still) scream every night at the mess. Sadly, this is a predicament of which I have still not been able to find an answer. Till then have to survive somehow.

The Punjabiness of Thapar led my heart to yearn for something more, something which I didn’t knew about until LitSoc – The Literary Society of Thapar presented its intra year fest – Elixir. The meeting of like minded people, getting to know others was a beautiful experience. But there’s another thing LitSoc gave me – TQC Thapar Quizzing Club. Now this is family. A lifelong desire fulfilled. In between the pounce and the bounce and the scraps I realized that this is it. This is home. Sorry to be so melodramatic but I couldn’t express myself in a better way.

Mid-Semester Examinations – let’s skip that.

End-Semester Examinations – Let’s skip that too.

I promise that I will I write something better on these when there’s a better time.

Till then I wish you a happy new year 2017.

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